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Urban Dove is dedicated to enriching the lives of New York City’s at-risk youth by creating and managing sports-based recreational activities in a supportive, positive environment where kids can develop the confidence they need to reach their full potential. Founded in 1998, Urban Dove believes that all children, regardless of their economic or social background, should be taught the critical skills needed to succeed, and be given the support, encouragement, and opportunity to practice those skills in the real world.

Jai Nanda, a former coach and teacher, founded Urban Dove in 1998 as a way to extend his “coach’s influence” beyond the court and just a single team of players. Starting with one program, Urban Dove began by teaching New York City at-risk youth life skills through basketball. This unique formula of recreation and education proved very successful and prompted Jai to find new and innovative ways to energize, educate and empower today’s youth. Now in its 15th year, Urban Dove has programs that serve hundreds of young people in dozens of schools and communities in New York City.

Urban Dove programs are designed to Energize, Educate and Empower young people from some of New York City’s most underserved communities in a continuum of services from Elementary School all the way through High School and beyond. Our programs teach youth the critical skills they need to be successful in school and in life, and then give them the opportunity to practice and develop those skills in a safe, supportive environment. Starting with 8–10 year olds in our Elementary School program, through Middle School, High School, College and beyond, Urban Dove engages hundreds of children each year during the crucial out-of-school hours when they are most at-risk.

Please check out Urban Dove’s website, our program model and how it is being used to create positive change for our youth, their families and their communities.

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