Welcome to Urban Dove Team Charter Schools

Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD)

UD Team is an innovative school in many ways. One of the most unique aspects is the time and emphasis we place on sports, health and fitness. In the first school ever to use a fully integrated Sports, Health and Fitness-based Youth Development curriculum, UD Team students move through the school day on teams and participate in an innovative program that not only teaches skills in specific team sports, but also includes work in nutritional sciences, strength and conditioning training, team-building and collaborative problem-solving. This program aims to increase health and fitness (and thus decrease obesity), promote engagement and attendance, support the students’ social and emotional development, foster interest in academic subjects and help build a positive school culture.

The time spent on these activities serves to ensure that every student is engaged in school, is healthy in mind and body, is having fun, and is developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Every student spends up to three hours each day training like a college varsity athlete. There are no expectations in terms of skill level, only in terms of effort and commitment. All students are expected to participate every day, in every sport. Activities consist of sports practices, fitness training, nutrition education, inter-mural games with other students, and inter-scholastic games with other schools. Sports are rotated and are single gender. UD Team provides uniforms for all athletic activities.

The following is a sample schedule of the sports played:

FALL:   Soccer

WINTER:   Basketball

SPRING:   Volleyball, Flag Football, Baseball / Softball

The UD Team Sports, Health & Fitness Program will fight obesity and help students who are overweight by increasing daily opportunities for physical activity, increasing the availability of healthy foods, promoting healthy eating behaviors, and decreasing the availability of unhealthy foods and detrimental physical habits. Examples include: Nutrition classes, discussions and applications Food Awareness and Appreciation