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Our Approach


Our Approach

To attract, engage, energize and educate students, UD Team features an innovative sports, health, and fitness curriculum that supports the academic framework of the school. Rather than just being a student at a school, students are first a part of a team. Teams practice, play, go to class, receive support services, and move through the school environment—together! Each team has coaches who teach, mentor, guide, counsel and develop them as students, athletes and citizens. Supported by Urban Dove’s youth development model, which supports and empowers students, the sports element delivers a structured, disciplined environment that influences all aspects of the school. Sports Coaches promote communication, teamwork, and leadership to help improve students’ confidence and self-esteem, ability to focus, managing of emotions, and consideration of others—traits that help each and every student become a positive member of a community.

The school has an extended day/extended year schedule and does not follow the traditional model of school/after-school timeframes.  Students complete all tasks while at school; over the course of a Monday – Friday week, students receive academic classroom instruction, vocational training, individual and group counseling, personalized academic support, internships and both instructional and competitive sports play.

Students who graduate from UD Team will leave high school as healthy, active, focused young adults, ready to fulfill their potential. At UD Team, we strive to create young adults who are committed to both their futures and communities, and who possess positive connections that provide numerous opportunities beneficial to the achievement of their goals—whatever those may be. With the academic foundation and self-confidence to pursue higher education, and/or the technical and life-skills needed to succeed in the working world, UD Team serves as the solid and stable platform from which each UD Team student can take flight in life.