Welcome to Urban Dove Team Charter Schools

Urban Dove HiRisers and College All-Stars Program

For most teenagers in New York City, hands-on job training and opportunities to work are scarce. College is also a lofty goal that appears hard to achieve. Urban Dove is the game changer that makes these dreams a reality. Our results prove it. We energize, educate and empower through sports and recreation, comprehensive college prep (including SAT prep, and financial aid guidance), professional Youth Staff training, scholarships, and youth-to-youth mentorship. Our high school programs include:

HiRisers Youth Staff
The elementary school HiRisers program is organized and run by UD Team students – the Urban Dove Youth Staff. Through a unique combination of interactive activities, and by using sports as a “hands-on” learning tool, UD Youth Staff teach the younger participants important life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. UD Youth Staff prepare and facilitate workshops, organize and coach games, and act as real-life role models for the younger kids.

College All-Stars

The College All Stars (CAS) program helps students begin their journey to GET INTO, GO TO, and STAY IN college. Through workshops, fun educational events, and college-focused activities, the program familiarizes students and their parents/guardians with the language and requirements of the college application process. CAS offers all-inclusive support, from application assistance to college selection, all the way through college admittance, enrollment and acclimation into school. Additionally, CAS provides comprehensive and intensive SAT prep and testing; workshops on financial aid, scholarship eligibility, career exploration, college applications, interviews, and college life; numerous campus visits and tours; and guidance from Urban Dove Alumni.

Weekend Leadership Retreats

Twice each year we take our teens on a weekend leadership retreat that promotes their ability to think outside the box, work together towards a common goal, and interact outside their comfort zone. It also gives them a change of scenery from the city and allows them to be self reflective. This strengthens the bond and commitment to themselves, their team and their personal development.