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Jai Nanda

Jai is the Founder of Urban Dove Team Charter School (UD Team) and the Founder and Executive Director of the Urban Dove. Jai has worked with young people his entire life, and has dedicated his career to improving and enriching their lives. He is a founding Board member of Up2Us, a national coalition of Sports Based Youth Development agencies and previously served on PASE’s Youth Sport Alliance Council. Jai has also served as Chairman of the Youth Committee for Community Board 4 and was honored as a Local Hero by Bank of America’s Neighborhood Excellence Initiative.

Jai was born and raised in New York City. After completing a public school education at Stuyvesant High School, he graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan. Before launching UD Team and founding Urban Dove, Jai worked as a teacher in the New York City school system both at the high school level and at the City University of New York. He was also a basketball coach for more than 15 years. Jai and his wife Kathleen have two daughters, Charlotte and Waverly.