Welcome to Urban Dove Team Charter Schools


UD Team features a completely unique sports, health and fitness program. Spending 2 ½ hours each day on the sports field in single-gender teams, each team has assigned coaches who teach, mentor, guide, and counsel them to develop as students, athletes and citizens. Coaches emphasize communication, teamwork and leadership, confidence and self-esteem, and use sports to help students focus, manage emotions, be team players, and become positive members of a community. The school runs on a trimester schedule for more efficient credit accumulation; has an extended day/year schedule; and does not follow the traditional model of school-day/after-school timeframes. Students complete all tasks at school. Monday through Friday, students receive intensive academic classroom instruction, career development training, one-on-one and group counseling, personalized academic support, internships and instructional/competitive sports play.

Eligibility Requirements
To apply, students must be 16 years of age or younger at time of enrollment and have 8 or fewer credits. Students must have attempted 9th grade.

Graduation Requirements
Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of concepts through portfolio assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards for each course. All 3 years, students earn accelerated course credits to prepare for and pass Regents exams.